Another aspect our "ORIGINAL-ARTIST-TEES" is that the professional artist/painter can create original works of art on a shirt. Further, the artist may take a high quality photo of their current or past artwork and have them pressed onto a t-shirt getting a photographic quality print, which could be sold as limited edition numbered prints. The same idea in respect to photographers. What a way to showcase your talent then having it hanging on a wall. An alternative revenue stream?

Virtualy Photographic 

  Quality Pressed Prints




The "WRITE-N-WIPE-TEE is a t-shirt that, when coated in a specific way, enables the consumer to write or draw as they wish on the coating, and then when they wish they may wipe their previous work from the coating and proceed again. The markers used are washable, enabling the user to wipe off with a cloth and water. After a few seconds of drying, your creation will not smudge. When wiped clean it will not "ghost" on the c

Our "ORIGINAL-ARTIST-TEES" present hours of fun for all ages. Whether you are a serious painter or a casual painter, out coating can be painted with Avatar's own formulated non toxic paint. As above you creation can be washed off with water and be reused. Perfect for kids for birthday parties etc.

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The "Virtual Photographic Quality" images that we press onto a t-shirt is just as it states. We provide the pressing of an image that you submit onto a t-shirt. The quality is immeasurable. Based on the definition or the image, no pixilation and the colors flow together, thus continuous tone.

These present immense opportunities not only inclusive to tourism, artists and musicians and keepsakes. Our images are durable, won't fade, if stretched, won't crack and will rebound to original shape, if handling instructions are followed.

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Write"N"Wipe Tees

Here are a few examples of what we can do. Personalization is one neat feature that can be available. The creation side of the t-shirts present endless opportunities, even advertising for stores and restaurants. Display your specials of the day, display your sale of the day. Use and reuse.