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Michael is currently employed in the defense sector, having been employed for 40 years with a major defense contractor. Michael is well versed in investing and funding strategies.

EDWARD MINNEMA..CEO, President, Director, Chairman, Edward has owned and operated a number of private companies in the HVAC industry. He has in the past served as president, CEO and investor relations for a number of Public firms and has had completed a previous successful merger.

AVATAR VENTURES CORP. is a  publicly traded corporation  on the OTCMARKETS platform. AVATAR  was incorporated in 2006 and trades under the stock symbol  ATAR.

AVATAR has been active in developing and testing it's unique t-shirt and apparel imaging.

AVATAR announced an agreement with AUTOART SOLUTIONS INC and has decided to build a company based on uniquely developed products using specialized  coatings developed by AutoArt. AVATAR has decided to change its initial focus from Jamaica to North America. AVATAR has signed a licensing agreement with Tees2bseen Canada which will operate the online store. Tees2bseen Canada will pay a stipulated royalty to AVATAR.

AVATAR's business model will be focused around its in house designs, its personalized t-shirts, it one off tees and collaborations with artists, singers, musicians, sports figures and photographers.

Equipment is low cost, we will have no need to carry inventory or high overhead costs.